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116-118 W 6th Avenue

Walking Tour Prepared By Kevin & Lisa Ragland
With History By: Yolanda Reid & Linda Dean

This building is located on the Historic Springfield Square at 116-118 W 6th Avenue and was renovated in

2016. Circa 1900 - two story brick building with remodeled first story, six square vents covered with grill work and surrounded by offset brick decorate second story, which is capped with an ornate metal cornice.

It is believed this structure was built after a fire in September 1900 destroyed most of the buildings on the south side of the public square. The property at this time was owned by J. S. and Josephine Brown who bought it in 1887 and owned many properties both in the city and the county which they rented to various individuals. In February 1920 Robert H. and Kathleen Wells opened Wells Pressing Shop later called Wells Cleaners at this location. They purchased the land and building in 1941 from descendants of the Brown's.
The Wells family continued the dry-cleaning business until the early 1990's. The building has housed 4 restaurants during the past 20 years Copper Vault, D Square, Courthouse Café and as of 2022 Etta Rae's. We're excited to see what will open there next!

The building exhibits a style influenced by the American Art Nouveau movement. A renovation directed by Niches in Design uncovered an architectural treasure under an old canopy: glass prism tiles designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, the renowned American architect. These glass tiles with a beautiful floral pattern were designed by Mr. Wright in 1885 when he was a 28-year-old aspiring architect and was produced by the Luxfer Prism Company. The tile design is a superb example of his budding "organic architecture" style.
Mr. Wright patented 41 prism tiles but only the "flower" pattern was produced by the Luxfer Prism Company. Organic architecture is a philosophy of architecture which promotes harmony between human habitation and the natural world.

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